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Branch Line Weekend 2010

The first big event of the 50th Anniversary year was the Branch Line Weekend. The event saw Fairburn Tank 42085 on a rear visit away from the Lakeside & Haverthwaite Railway, joined by Standard 2mt 78019 from the Great Central Railway. A busy timetable ran through the weekend with an intensive passenger service and brake van rides at Horsted Keynes. P Class 178 "Nettle" was in light steam at Sheffield Park, fresh from overhaul.

1963 Timetable recreation

Featuring footage of SECR P Class 178 during the first few weeks of her new ticket, including top and tailing with Fenchurch during the 1963 Timetable weekend, with lineside footage from "Bluebell Halt" and the Three Arches Bridge. Also featuring C Class 592 on the Wealden Rambler. Plus footage of Fenchurch during the Branch Line Weekend during February 2010.

Spring BANK HOLIDAY 2010

Over the winter of 2010 Stepney had a quick boiler overhaul to enable her to take part in the 50th Anniversary Celebrations of the Bluebell. She arrived on the Bluebell on the 17th May 1960. On Sunday 23rd May 2010 she double headed with E4 Birch Grove, while Fenchurch ran brake van shuttles at Horstead.