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Victorian Gala

15th July 2016

The Middleton Railway's 2016 Gala, was billed as a Victorian Gala, featuring four Victorian locomotives, with Bellerophon visiting. This joined home based Sir Berkeley and Ingrow West based Lord Major, the two other locomotives owned by the Vintage Carriages Trust. This gave the group and the line the chance to line up the Trust's locomotives for what is believed to be the first time.

LNER Y1 & Y7 Charter

3rd September 2021

Fresh from overhaul LNER Y1 No. 59 (LNER No. 59 / BR No. 68153 / Departmental No. 54), was built by Sentinel in Shrewsbury in 1933 (Works No. 8837) featured with a variety of freight stock on the Middleton Railway, alongside soon to be withdrawn from traffic LNER Y7 1310 (North Eastern Railway Gateshead Work, 1891). Footage is from a 30742 Charters event.

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