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Visit of Ring Haw

17th February 2015


Ring Haw in action on the Nene Valley Railway on 17th February. Visitor for the steam gala the following weekend in the form of BR Black Morayshire, was being shunted at Wansford during the day.

Santa Steam 2020

12th December 2020


Polish 0-8-0T Class Śląsk/TKp No. 5485 (built 1959) is captured, partnered with Class 14 D9520, hauling the NVR's 2020 Santa Specials formed of continental rolling stock. The train is seen in a pair of shots at each location, first off departing Orton Mere past Longville Junction heading to Peterborough West, then either side of the River Nene approaching Overton (for Ferry Meadows) and finally is a lovely evening light departing Wansford with the last train of the day.

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