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North Norfolk RAILWAY

Summer steam 2018

N7 69621 & J15 65462 in action on a summers day

Steam GAla 2011

Autumn Steam Gala action from the North Norfolk Railway featuring a Black Five, Flying Pig, Austerity, Pannier, Coal Tank, J15 and 9F in intensive action.

Spring Steam Gala 2019

A fog covered Spring Steam Gala at the North Norfolk Railway, was followed by sunny Monday morning with  B12 8572 and WD 90775 in operation.


The Spring Steam Gala featured BR Standard 4MT 2-6-0 76084, WD 90775 The Royal Norfolk Regiment, LNER B12 4-6-0 8572, GER Y14 0-6-0 564, S&D 2-8-0 53809 and BR Class 20 20227 Sherlock Holmes. Caledonian Railway 0-4-4T 419, also featured for part of Friday and Saturday but due to numerous problems the engine was withdrawn on both of these days and did not feature at all on Sunday.