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Slate Train Day

With 42 timetabled trains, plus shunt moves, a busy gala day on the Sefton & West Lancs Light Railway, seeing the launch of a rake of 3 Sharples slate wagons and 4 Binnie slate wagons, entry into traffic of our yellow Ruston shunter after some re-soldering and opening of our Quarry Sidings.

20th may 2020

Phase 2 supporters day

RWM Salem II operated special passenger trains from Porthmelling to Aughtonside for supporters to view Prince hauling demonstration goods around the balloon loop. Prince hauled a mixture of slate wagons, Talyllyn & Corris freight stock both ways around the loop. At the end of the day Rufford took a run around the loop before hauling the last passenger train back to Porthmelling facing East.

Slate loop opening

No. 2 Prince and Ruston shunter No. 1 in operation as special members passenger service commenced around the slate balloon loop. Trains ran from Porthmelling, clockwise around the balloon loop, before running round at Aughtonside and returning to Porthmelling. The last train of the day ran from Porthmelling to Aughtonside platform 1, before running anticlockwise to Porthmelling.


Prince hauled the passenger trains formed of a mixture of bug boxes with Curly Brake Van on the rear, alongside a selection of freight trains, while the Ruston shunter shunted in the slate sidings at Aughtonside.

20th June 2020

23rd june 2020

PHASE 3 Opening

On Wednesday 21st July 2020, phase 3 Aughtonside to Porthmelling 'Bluebell line' opened. Prince hauled the opening train, with No. 3 Rufford Hall sharing main line duties, with shunters numbers 1 and 4 on pilot duties, No. 1 at Aughtonside slate sidings and No. 4 at Porthmelling. The day saw the entry into service of a newly arrived and freshly repainted Van 3 and two Ffestiniog coal waggons (correct spelling for Ffestiniog wagons). A busy service with mixture of passenger and freight services was ran.

Phase 4 Opening

An intensive gala timetable was ran to celebrate the opening of the line to Sefton station. With 32 trains timetabled, plus shunting moves, the event saw No. 2 Prince and No. 3 Rufford Hall in action of main line passenger and goods turns. Ruston shunter No. 1 was yard pilot at Aughtonside slate sidings, while Hudson shunter No. 4 was in action as Sefton station pilot.

7th Nov 2020


On Christmas Eve, the railways first Santa Specials ran:

- The Snowman (No. 3 Rufford Hall) hauled the Santa Specials from Sefton to Porthmelling via Aughtonside (before running round and taking a second trip around the balloon loop).

- Midlander hauled Santa's goods train to Porthmelling

- Prince hauled the Victorian Christmas Train from Sefton to Aughtonside.